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High Street Group

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The High Street Group has undergone significant and planned growth since the company’s inception in 2006, and is positioning itself to drive the value of the business to hit £1 billion within 7 years. This will be delivered by structuring our business streams into three key areas and delivering on financial goals:

  • High Street Residential is targeting an annual turnover of£400 million through delivering high quality build to rent accommodation across the UK. 80% of this turnover will be to financial institutions. We have already secured a pipeline of c.£1 billion to be able to achieve this. In addition to this, High Street Residential are preparing to launch into roof top extensions, and we have identified 25 projects with a Total GDV of £88 million.
  • High Street Hospitality are investing in affordable boutique hotels and are focused on adding to our existing portfolio to establish the Hotel 52 brand across 15 to 20 UK establishments.
  • All Saints Construction are on track to become an established mid-sized regional housebuilder, growing annual turnover to be in the region of £60 million.

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The structure of The High Street Group Loan Note: Loan Notes to The High Street Group are available from £25,000. The interest rate is 12% p.a. gross return up to a maximum of 7 years, with annual bonus payments from year two. Investors will receive interest payments on an annual basis. This can be compounded at the discretion of both parties. The Loan Notes are structured with the aim of providing an attractive return on a solid investment opportunity. Money raised through the issuance of the Loan Notes will be used to explore opportunities, grow the company and assist towards the goal of growing the company to a £1 billion business in 7 years.

gary forest- founder

Gary Forest, Founder

Group started in 2006 by Gary Forrest – Former head of G Mac and City Finance

Originally provided bridging loans to developers during credit crunch (at 30%+)

Moved into property developments as Finance markets opened up

Residential, Hotel and Student projects – North of England and Scotland

Over the last few years moved into larger PRS sites

ideas, its about making ideas happen’

  • Issue date: 1st September 2018
  • Interest payment dates: Up to 7 business days from the investment anniversary.
  • Interest period: Annually, however at the discretion of both parties the interest can be compounded.
  • Interest rate: 12% per annum gross of the balance of loan to include any compound sums.
  • Final repayment date: 7 years from funding date (receipt of funds)
  • Minimum investment: £25,000
  • Exit terms: Investors will have the opportunity to exit the investment by providing 30 days’ notice prior to each anniversary of the investment date.
  • Bonus payments: Investors who retain this investment will be rewarded with annual bonus payments, in addition to the 12% per annum return on their investment.

Interest Payment option: £100,000 investment will return you the following:

  1. Year 1: 12% return 0% bonus £12,000 interest
  2. Year 2: 12% return 3% bonus £15,000 interest
  3. Year 3: 12% return 4% bonus £16,000 interest
  4. Year 4: 12% return 5% bonus £17,000 interest
  5. Year 5: 12% return 6% bonus £18,000 interest
  6. Year 6: 12% return 8% bonus £20,000 interest
  7. Year 7: 12% return 10% bonus £22,000 interest and £100,000 initial capital repaid.
  8. Original Capital: £100,000 Interest: £120,000
  9. Total Repayment: £220,000
  10. You can exit on every 12 month anniversary from date of contract but you must give 30 days’ notice

Compound interest payment option: Compounded interest from £100,000 investment:

  1. Year 1    £100,000 + 12% inc 0% bonus = £112,000 
  2. Year 2   £112,000 + 15% inc 3% bonus = £128,800 
  3. Year 3   £128,800 + 16% inc 4% bonus = £149,408 
  4. Year 4   £149,408 + 17% inc 5% bonus = £174,807.36 
  5. Year 5   £174,807.36 + 18% inc 6% bonus = £206,272.68 
  6. Year 6   £206,272.68 + 20% inc 8% bonus = £247,527.22 
  7. Year 7   £247,527.22 + 22% inc 10% bonus = £301,983.21 
  8. Initial Capital: £100,000 Interest : £201,983.21 
  9. Total Return: £301,983.21 
  10. You can exit on every 12 month anniversary from date of contract but you must give 30 days’ notice.

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