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Triumph Towers is an Alternative investment company based in Birmingham, London and Madrid that currently specialises in Private Equity projects, Property Loan Notes, Sociably Responsible and Renewable Energy investment Bonds.

Established in 2015 with over 15 years of experience in investments, the director and key team members of Triumph Towers are proud to introduce you to a number of hand-picked opportunities where you can invest with total peace of mind.

Our main focus is to promote socially responsible investments in companies engaged in social justice, environmental sustainability and alternative energy/clean technology efforts.

Our aim is to build long term relationships with all of our clients and help you get started in this exciting journey by guiding you into various sectors of the investment world, always maintaining a very high level of respect and good business etiquette towards our family of investors.

“Every company, investor, & bank that screens new & existing investments for climate risk is simply being pragmatic”

Jim Yong Kim president of the World Bank

Not only is Triumph Towers on hand to help you make an informed decision on managing your investment portfolio, but we also bring to you the latest secure, private equity, fixed return and Socially Responsible investments as they are released.

Our Strengths


Our combination of sector knowledge and expertise will help you to make investment decisions that match your circumstances and satisfy your investor needs whilst supporting those companies involved in environmental sustainability.


Our product providers and their products are chosen to provide the best balance between high return and low risk giving our clients the best possible returns with the lowest risk profile.


Our experience in the industry can be relied upon to introduce our clients to reputable investment companies with successful track records and financial advisors who will manage your money in synergy with your values.


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